The shares in the following companies have been diluted or they have been merged.

Service Fabrics Limited

Service Fabrics Limited (SFL) is a public limited company (listed on Stock Exchanges). The company was incorporated in 1987 and is equipped with 96 Sulzer shuttleless looms, sizing from Zell and warping from Beninger. The project has a capacity to produce nearly 20.000 million meters grey cloth per annum of various constructions. Almost entire production of the company is being exported to Far East & Europe. In 1997, Service Fabrics was awarded a special merit trophy from the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

Prime Enterprises Limited

Prime Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited (PEPL) was incorporated in 1984. It has been involved in importing building material, mineral fiber and aluminum ceiling tiles. Clients include Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Oil and Gas Development Corporation (OGDC).

Prime Dairies Limited

Prime Dairies Limited (PDL) was incorporated in 1982 as a public limited company (unquoted).  The company is engaged in manufacturing of dairy products and ice cream. It is equipped with imported plants from Sweden and Italy capable of producing yogurt, pasteurized milk, condensed milk, cheese and complete range of ice cream. PDL also has its own plastic packaging line. Prime Dairies Limited is one of the major dairy product manufacturers in Pakistan. The company has an established, widespread distribution channel, which caters to around 75% of the country’s population. The production facility is located at Manga, Lahore. Prime’s ice-cream is being manufactured and supplied under the well established brand name of “Rocco” while the other dairy products are sold with the brand name of “Prime”. Rocco Dairy Ice Cream is one of the few ice cream companies which uses fresh dairy ingredients for its products..