• 1940s – Chaudhry Mohammad Saeed started a trading business dealing in textiles, leather and food products. He was initially funded by his father, Chaudhry Abdul Hameed.
    He partnered up with his two close friends, Chaudhry Nazar Mohammad and Chaudhry Mohammad Hussain. After Pakistan’s independence they received a contract from the Army for supply of shoes. Hence the brand “Servis” shoes was created.
  • 1950s – Mr. Saeed, along with a group of leading businessman of that time helped establish the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), becoming a founding member.
    A shoe manufacturing plant was set up in the Gulberg Industrial Area, Lahore. The company was named Service Industries Limited.
    Shoe manufacturing was also set up in Gujrat and a new textile spinning mills was set up by the name of Service Industries (Textiles) Limited.
  • 1960s – Mr. Saeed amongst other responsibilities over looked the business development, exports, marketing and sales of shoes. In a very short time the sales of the company rose immensely thanks to an aggressive exports strategy created and pursued by Mr. Saeed and the then unique retail sales model established by the company.
    For rapid growth and increase in exports the company started receiving recognition and awards from trade bodies including the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI). Predominant sales of the company were coming from exports; which were mainly to Western Europe, North America and Africa.
    For earning one of the highest amounts of foreign exchange in the country amongst all businesses and industries, Mr. Mohammad Saeed was awarded Tamgha e Pakistan by the then President of Pakistan – the highest civilian award in Pakistan.
  • 1970s – The company reached the landmark of 100 retail stores. Mr. Saeed was elected the President of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).
    Pioneering into a brand new field for Pakistan, Mr. Saeed set up a pilot project along with help from his sons Mr. Ijaz Hameed and Mr. Mumtaz Hameed for production of packed dairy products. Looking at the rapid success of sports shoes around the world Mr. Saeed brought this concept to his company and the first sports shoe of Pakistan was developed and launched. This was branded as “Cheetah” by Servis and became a predominant revenue earner for the company.
  • 1980s – One of the first dairy plants of Pakistan was set up. Being the first in the country the company and the brand were named “Prime”. The plant machinery was mainly imported from Sweden and Italy along with its own packaging line. Plastic food grade packing was another first for the country. The company introduced the whole range of dairy products including ice cream. The company created its own refrigerated distribution setup for dairy products as the concept was not present in the market. Thus the foundations of refrigeration industry and “cold chain” were laid down.  A new refrigeration company by the name of Kold Kraft was launched.
    A new weaving mill, Service Fabrics Limited was set up, with the first of it kind shuttle less looms by Sulzer Switzerland. The company achieved rapid growth and recognition for its exports of cloth to the Far Eastern markets.As part of the “vertical integration” process a garment manufacturing unit Delta Garments Limited was set up with the most modern stitching, sewing and dyeing machinery imported from Japan, Hong Kong and Germany. This was done in partnership with Mr. Saeed’s longtime trusted friend Mr. Mohammad Saleem.
  • The CEO of the group at that time Mr. Mumtaz Hameed was elected President of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). To date the only instance for a business group to have had “father and son” both elected as Presidents of Lahore Chamber.
  • 1990s – Mr. Mumtaz Hameed the then Chairman appointed the CEO of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Later Mr. Hameed was asked to head the Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan (WAPDA) the national electric utility company, as the chairman.
  • 2000s – A new venture was started in the growing field of Information Technology. Later a partnership was formed with a Turkish company; the largest software company catering to the textile sector. Using the IT infrastructure and fast Internet growth around the world, online customized clothing business was started for the U.S market. In 3.5 years the first web store reached the revenue of US$ 1 million selling high-end clothing.
    A QA/QC consulting and advisory company was formed. It soon acquired fortune five hundred clients and showed rapid growth because of the sharp increase in transit trade from Pakistan to the Central Asian countries.
  • 2010s – Coal trading division was launched in partnership with PITCO and HMS Bergbau AG to develop the local coal market, which was on the rise as the industry was looking at alternate sources of energy due to the shortage of natural gas. The online business model was introduced to the UAE and GCC market, selling high end customized and ready to wear Arab clothing. This was accompanied by multiple retail locations in Dubai. The company was gifted a grant by the Government of Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa Fund for introducing an innovative concept to the market.