Our Commitments

One of the fundamental values embedded into the very DNA of PSG is the belief that a healthy society alone can enable healthy businesses to flourish. Hence, businesses must positively impact society. Therefore, our responsibilities are not limited to the areas within which we operate. We also deeply care for our communities and continually inspire them to seek a better future. We invest our time in projects that will benefit society and we collaborate with all of our stakeholders to create common value.

Health Initiatives

Gujranwala Welfare Clinic was formed under Ch. Abdul Hameed Trust in 1989 in the native home of Founding father of the Group Ch. Muhammad Saeed and his younger brother Professor Dr. Mohammad Akhtar Khan. Owing to the lack of accessibility to government health facilities at the time, the Clinic took it upon itself to provide cost-free consultation services and access to medication in an effort to contribute to society’s development. The outpatient department offers laboratory, ultrasound, ECO, ECG, X-Ray, physiotherapy and pharmacy facilities at subsidized rates enabling accessibility for hundreds of patients from the local community on a daily basis. The competent and capable health care staff includes general physicians, gynecologists and lady health visitors, pediatricians, and radiologists.

Women Empowerment

Delta Garments serves as a solid foundation to further the company group’s ideologies and presents work opportunities for women, enabling them to contribute to society and their personal lives in an impactful manner. By contributing to women empowerment in society and the workplace, it is one of the first organizations that recognizes and allotts significant value to the importance of socially responsible regulations. Allotting 30% of jobs within the plant to women alone, it extends the narrative and strong belief in the necessity for women to become an able and contributing part of society.

Environmental Sustainability

Alongside the impactful work conducted to aid society as well as women, the group is highly cognizant of its environmental footprint. For that reason, it incorporates several sustainability measures in its subsidiaries. At Service Industries, we operate our own captive renewable power plant with the capacity of producing energy from natural gas. Moreover, utilizing renewable energy at Delta Garments is carried out by solar panel powering in addition to the optimization of an Effluent Treatment plant. The Treatment plant has been in operation since 2008, and ensures waste disposal is conducted in the most environmentally friendly manner. Delta also happens to be one of the first factories in Lahore to attain an official GOTS certified, ensuring its adherence to social and environmental responsibilities.