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Service Industries Textiles Limited

Founded in the late 50’s, Service Industries Textile Limited (SITL) is the first textile-based company of Prime Service Group. A unique facility of its kind, it specializes in the production and sale of cotton yarn. Fully equipped with technologically advanced imported machinery from Japan and China, the company manufactures from Gujrat, Province of Punjab, while sales are managed in Lahore.

In an endeavor to contribute to sustainability and environmentally friendly production, in 2009, SITL made the shift from manufacturing manmade fibers to environmentally friendly threads. Mainly catering to local manufacturers and exporters of home textile products, SITL’s yarn is also used to manufacture lawn and similar lightweight fabrics ideal for Pakistan’s scorching summer heat. SITL established a name for itself in the local yarn market under the brand name A3 and offers a variety of fine count products to local markets, including 32’s, 40’s, 52’s and 60’s. Amongst its competitors, it earned the rank of best value for money. Striving to continually produce premium quality products, the company plans on increasing its capacity and consistently upgrades its machinery.

Weaving - Exited Investment
Service Fabrics Limited

Service Fabrics Limited (SFL) was a public limited company established in 1987. It was fully equipped with 96 Sulzer shuttleless looms, sizing from Zell and warping from Beninger. With almost all of the company’s productions exported to the Far East & Europe, it served as a source of livelihood for countless workers and helped generate novel standards in the industry. In 1997, Service Fabrics was awarded a special merit trophy from the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

Garment Manufacturing
Delta Garments Limited

Delta Garments Limited (DGL) is an apparel manufacturing and exporting company based in the cotton capital of the world – Pakistan. Operating for almost 30 years, Delta offers an unsurpassed range of denim apparel to global retail brands. Catering to customers from all over the world, including the UK, USA, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Canada, Delta commits to the highest level of customer service by promising complete sampling support, timely delivery of goods, and constant compliance with all quality, testing and safety standards.

Producing over 1.4 million pairs of jeans each year, their ethos for denim is built upon three key pillars – design, innovation, and customer-centricity. With a simple value proposition of providing excellent customer service to customers looking for reliable quality and delivery, they are one of the most trusted names in Pakistan for denim and twill manufacturing. This philosophy is what drives us to cater to clients for years and decades.

Some of our happiest clients include:

Our Processes

Cotton is procured from the best ginning mills across Southern Punjab.

The start of the spinning operation where the fiber is opened, cleaned, mixed, micro dust removed and evened thus passed to the carding machine without increasing fiber rupture.

Fibre is disentangled, cleaned and intermixed to produce a continuous web or sliver suitable for subsequent processing. This is achieved by passing the fibres between differentially moving surfaces covered with card clothing and converting it into thin fibre sheets.

Fibre is spun on roving frames to strengthen the fibres through twisting and preparing it for cone winding before it is finally packaged.

Yarns from different cones are combined together to form a sheet, ensuring yarn elongation is preserved at a uniform level to minimize breakage of yarn.

Fibres are bound and yarns are coated to increase the strength and abrasion resistance, making it smooth and uniform, through different mechanical techniques of dipping the yarn in size paste and drying.

This involves winding the full width of the warp yarns in a single winding operation on the weaving beam that is placed on the loom. The warp yarns can be wound from a creel or a warping beam.

The final step involves producing a fabric by interlacing warp and weft threads on the weaving machine or loom.

Rigorous inspection is done to ensure uniformity in the fabric and any faults, slub and stains are removed to produce the highest quality of processed fabric.

Styles are designed by our inhouse design team, keeping in mind the latest fashion trends. Fabrics are selected and sourced some of the best denim manufacturers in the world.

Based on the design, our designers create patterns and grade them based on the required size sets, in order to minimize fabric wastage and decrease the fabric consumption and subsequent cost of the final piece.

With the help of spreading machines, fabric is stacked on one another in reaches or lays that may go over 100 ft (30.5 m) long and hundreds of plies thick in order to prepare for cutting and bundling.

Sorted bundles are dispersed through the assembly line for stitching. Certain sewing stations are allocated different parts of the cut pieces in order to increase efficiency. Smaller cut pieces are stitched together first, moving on to larger parts that are assembled together at the end.

Denim is washed to achieve an aesthetic finish that improves the softness and comfort of the fabric. Different techniques create different look such as a faded or worn-out appearance.

Finishing involves washing, accessory placement and pressing before it goes into final quality inspection. Once each piece is approved for quality, it is packed as per customer requirements and ready to dispatch.