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Prime Service Corporation

PSC has been involved in trading and indenting commodities such as coal, cement, fertilizer, fabric, yarn and garment, and ensuring consistent worldwide supply at competitive prices. In a marketplace where commodities grow increasingly interrelated, PSC’s trading is global, multi-commodity and competitive. We partnered with third party agencies to develop a secure and reliable supply chain to trade in local commodities on the international market, and provide the world with a gateway to the growing market for Pakistani commodities.

  • A trusted name in business and government sectors owing to our vast and strong connections with local businesses
  • Aiding the local community in building links and connections around the world
  • Trading volumes to supply our customers with required product quantities in a secure, reliable, and timely manner.
  • Involved in high-end consulting and commodity trading through PITCO, a company associated with the energy and consulting sector since 70 years
  • Offering pricing structures and service excellence that adds value to our customers throughout the supply chain
  • Significant participants in the futures and commodity benchmark markets.

We are the sole agent of Noble Group
for Thermal Coal market in Pakistan.

Noble is Asia’s leading industrial and energy products supply chain manager, facilitating the marketing, processing, financing and transportation of essential raw materials. It is a leading non-producing shipper of seaborne thermal coal; trading 6% of the global seaborne market and 8% of the Asia-Pacific market. Being the sole agent of Noble Group for Thermal Coal market in Pakistan, we are witnesses to its long-term strategic presence in key coal markets and deep understanding of client requirements in Asia.


Bituminous and sub bituminous coal. Core flows: from Indonesia, and Australia to China, India, JKT and SEA.

Origination Capabilities
Noble Energy Coal


  • Origination of both high and low CV coal across key provinces
  • Mining operations with local partners
  • Shareholder in a joint venture company providing coal logistic services
  • Road and port operations in Central Kalimantan


  • Strategic partnerships with established mining companies.
  • Shareholder in various public listed exploration entities.

South Africa

  • Key partner in developing upcoming energy coal projects with Resource Generation Limited. Estimated production from the project is expected to be 18-25mtpa.
  • ACG joint-venture that allows privileged port access.


  • Actively dealing with reliable producers/partners to tap potential in these niche origination markets
Eurasian Inspections

Eurasian Inspections deals in inspection, testing, monitoring and evaluation services. With over 15 years of experience, we are leaders in quality management, lab, logistics & supply chain, disaster & emergency management as well as plant operations and QHSSE consulting. The company works with various industries and sectors including but not limited to textiles, leather, oil & gas, forestry and environment. Our esteemed clientele include Fortune 500 companies such as Supreme Fuels, Nordic Camp Supply and World Fuel Services (NYSE: INT).

In the Oil & Gas Logistics sector, we provide:

  • Quality assurance, inspection, sampling and spot analysis for fuel and other liquid cargoes
  • Quantity monitoring and inspection for bulk liquid cargoes
  • Top notch damage surveillance, testing, and inspection services
  • Storage and transportation services for liquid cargos

Our leading Environmental Services include:

  • Testing, sampling, inspection, certification, verification and offering specialist solutions to reduce environmental impact
  • Testing, sampling, inspection, certification, verification and offering specialist solutions to reduce environmental impact
  • Waste management solutions
  • Air, soil, and water sampling and analysis

Ensuring the utmost satisfaction for all our clients regardless of industry or stature, we forge professional alliances based on trust, respect, and professionalism. Partnering with other recognized names such as Flowrox, Phoenix Resilience, Extreme Business Solutions, and Yeditepe Treatment and Equipment allows us to provide you with the best solutions available.